High-resolution 3D optical microscopy

Unlike ordinary optical microscopes, the VHX6000 OM can clearly present objects of different heights in a sample on one image, you can also observe the side of the sample at Tilt angle, connect the picture at high magnification, and measure the sample.


Figure-1. VHX6000


  • ▪ 20X-50X Lens
  • ▪ 100X-1000X Lens
  • ▪ 1000X-5000X Lens
  • ▪ Tilt 90 degree


  • ▪ Sample appearance inspection, such as surface damage, solder balls open, etc.
  • ▪ Various sample measurements
  • ▪ Observe the sample at an oblique angle
  • ▪ Hand-held lens for large size samples
  • ▪ Component observation on PCB board

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