MSS new high-end Hitachi Regulus 8220 SEM released for service

Hitachi Regulus 8220 is the latest generation of cold field emitter SEM(CFE-SEM). Its CFE provides ideal source for high resolution imaging with smaller energy spread, make it as a perfect tool for failure analysis, especially for advanced technology node chips.

Specifications of Hitachi Regulus 8220 and Hitachi 8220


Figure 1: Hitachi Regulus 8220 SEM low KV VC images at a) memory area and b) logic area, showing obvious contrast differences among different contacts (CT) than previous models.

Figure 2: With superior contrast, Regulus 8220 can easily identify failures/abnormalities than previous models.

Figure 3: Regulus 8220 equipped with BSE detector can provide better view of sub-surface and abnormalities.


SEM/EDS is a commonly-used tool for chemical analysis in IC industry.
With the help of the new generation windowless EDS, MSS firstly demonstrates
the resolution of the SEM/EDS can be at least down to 10 nm.


SEM/EDS analysis of anomalous ACF bonding process.
The spectra show the element distribution of the ACF ball.


Cross-section SEM images show the IC process structure of a 1P6M device.


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