XPS(X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy)

"Nexsa" XPS System offers fully automated multi-technique analysis along with high throughput without sacrificing research grade results. Integration of multiple analytical techniques like ISS, UPS and REELS , allows users to conduct true correlative analysis, unlocking the potential for further advances in microelectronics, ultra thin films, nanotechnology development and many other applications.

Material Analysis and Development:Nexsa spectrometer delivers flexibility to maximize the potential of your material. Flexibility in the forms of multiple-integrated technique options for true correlative data analysis and high throughput while maintain research quality results.


圖- Nexsa: Small spot XPS, multi-technique analysis


  • ▪ Insulator Analysis
  • ▪ High Performance Spectroscopy
  • ▪ Depth Profiling
  • ▪ Multi-technique Integration
  • ▪ Dual-mode ion source for expanded depth profiling capabilities
  • ▪ SnapMap's optical view


Bring sample features into focus with SnapMap's optical view. The optical view helps you pinpoint areas of interest quickly while developing a fully focused XPS image to further define your experiment.


  • ▪ Glass coatings、Polymers
  • ▪ Batteries、Graphene
  • ▪ Solar cells、OLEDs 、Metals & oxides
  • ▪ Bio-surfaces、Thin Films
  • ▪ Semiconductors、Ceramics
  • ▪ Catalysts、Nanomaterials….


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