TEM quality is competitive worldwide


5nm FinFET is available


2-3 working-day to provide TEM report (sample arrvied)






 FEI Talos                                                                                      






  JEOL 2100F



TEM Analysis on Samsung S6 Mobile Phone CPU 




TEM capability

MSS was ready to face next generation challenge and have capability to prepare ~ 5nm sample.



TEM/EDS capability

Excellent High Resolution Lattice Image



S6 DRAM EDS data







Microstructure analysis: lattice image, IC process monitor, crystal defect observation.
Phase identification and composition analysis.

TEM inspection of the multi-metal-layer process with Cu dual-damascene structure


b  IC structure observation

c  High resolution TEM with the atomic scale resolution

d  Grain size distribution measurement


e  TEM/EDS analysis for study of Sn whisker growth, the composition distribution of Sn whisker.

    TEM inspection of LED MQWs and dislocation distribution.



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