Laser Decap

IC Decap

Failure analysis of ICs needs physical access to packaged chips or components, the first step is to remove its covering plastic packaging material. This procedure is called Integrated Circuit Decapsulation.

Decap Methodology 

MSS Company uses lasers to create grooves, which allows removal of colloid on the surface. Chemical etching is then used to uncover the shape and design of the chip or IC. Combining the advantages of laser openings and conventional chemical etching can significantly increase the accuracy of partial openings and reduce the exposure time of the sample with a chemical etching solution, thereby enhancing the result. This process can be applied to any package and any metal wire (Au, Cu, Al, and Ag).


Use laser to create grooves


 Different type of IC Decap samples



 Decap with laserCu wire & 2nd bonding is without acid damage


 Decap 4 array Cu bonding wires, SEM inspection show the wires are free of damage and epoxy



  Ag wire Decap+SEM

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