The X-Ray has very short wave length and high electromagnetic radiation.

When the sample location cannot be inspected using external appearance related metrology tools, X-Ray imaging can be used to detect the internal structure of the sample due to its intensity change as a function of material density. This contrast image can show the internal structure of the sample without any physical destruction to the diagnosed region.




MSS has the newest X-ray equipmet — QUADRA 7 (Nordson DAGE) and FSX-90.


Figure-1. QUADRA 7


Figure-2. FSX-90




▪  Sample size:45X40X10(CM)/10kg

▪  Power:30~160(KV)

▪  Maximum inclination is 70 degrees, 360 degrees rotation

▪  Resolution up to 0.1um

▪  Machine for real-time observation of images



▪  Defect inspection in IC packaging﹕ layer delamination, burst Crack, void, and bonding inspection. 
▪  Potential defects in the PCB manufacturing process e.g.: mis-alignment, bridge or open circuit. 
▪  SMT solding void inspection and measurement. 
▪  Inspection of crack in high density plastic material or void in metal.
▪  Solder ball array inspection in BGA packaging and flip chip packaging.



Case Sharing


▪  Wire&pad burn out

▪  1ST and 2nd bond lift
▪ Wire bonding observation
▪  Bump adhesion interface inspection
▪  Mobile phone internal components inspection
▪  Crack
▪  電桿正側面觀察
▪  L/F 橋接

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