3D Laser confocal profile

MSS new 3D Laser confocal profile can provides non-contact, nanometerlevel profile, roughness, and film thickness information on all kinds of samples, and indicates which metrics are most critical for evaluation.





Figure 1. (a) Working principle of the 3D Laser confocal profile. (b) Calculate roughness on a 2D or 3D image for a given line.





• Non-destructive & non-contact analysis

• Fit to all kinds of samples (size, height, hardness, ...etc.)

• Fast analysis speed

• Better spatial resolution, 0.2 um (Optical profile is 0.38 um)

• Better vertical (z-direction) resolution

• Can be measured with an albedo larger than 5%(perfectly for Micro Lens)

• Can be a complementary tool to AFM 





Figure 2. LED chip morphology


Figure 3. Cu ingot morphology


Figure 4. IC gold bump measurement



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