3D Laser confocal profile

MSS new 3D Laser confocal profile can provides non-contact, nanometerlevel profile, roughness, and film thickness information on all kinds of samples, and indicates which metrics are most critical for evaluation.

Figure 1: a) Working principle of the 3D Laser confocal profile. b) Calculate roughness on a 2D or 3D image for a given line.


– 3D Laser confocal profile niches

• Non-destructive & non-contact analysis

• Fit to all kinds of samples (size, height, hardness, ...etc.)

• Fast analysis speed

• Better spatial resolution, 0.2 um (Optical profile is 0.38 um)

• Better vertical (z-direction) resolution

• Can be measured with an albedo larger than 5%(perfectly for Micro Lens)

• Can be a complementary tool to AFM 


– Applications

                                       Figure 2: LED chip morphology


                                       Figure 3: Cu ingot morphology


                                 Figure 4: IC gold bump measurement